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D1.1 - General and demo case description
The CITYOPT project deliverable “D1.1-General and demo case description” contains a detailed description of general scenarios for the optimal design and operation of cities’ energy systems. The demonstration sites of the project, Helsinki, Vienna and Nice, are also described in the report. download pdf

D1.2 - Business models
In the CITYOPT project deliverable “D1.2 – Business models”, the business model concept is studied. Different business models are developed for the demonstration cases in Helsinki, Vienna and Nice. download pdf

D2.4 - Decision support methods
The CITYOPT project deliverable “D2.4-Decision support methods” presents how the different display contents of CITYOPT Operational Tool are calculated. download pdf

D2.5 - Operational integrated template environment
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D3.1 - Helsinki demonstration
download pdf

D3.2 - Nice demonstration
download pdf

D3.3 - Vienna description
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D3.5 - Synthesis of demonstrations
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D4.1 - Evaluation of the ICT solutions
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D4.2 - Replication guidelines
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Scientific Publications
Pardo-Garcia N., Nadler F., Marguerite C., Kelly B., 2015. CITYOPT - Holistic Simulation and Optimisation of Energy in Smart Cities - Vienna Study Case. In: International Conference on Environment and Renewable energy. Vienna, Austria, 20-21 May 2015. Available: here

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Tuominen P., Stenlund O., Marguerite C., Pardo-Garcia N., Grahn E., Huvilinna J., Iglar, 2016. CITYOPT planning tool for energy efficient cities. In: Sustainable City Conference 2016. Alicante, SP, 12-14 Jul 2016. Available: here

Pardo-García N., Marguerite C., Nadler F., 2016. CITYOPT Project – Optimal design of a micro-District heating network. In: Energy Systems Conference 2016. London, UK, 14-15 Jun 2016. Available: here

Marguerite C., Schmidt R.R., Pardo-Garcia N., Abdurafikov R., 2016. Simulation-based multi-criteria evaluation of design scenarios for an industrial waste heat based micro district heating network supplying standard and low-energy building. In: 15th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling. Seoul, South Korea, 4-7 Sept 2016.

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Master's thesis
Huvilinna, J., 2015. Value of Battery Energy Storage at Ancillary Service Markets. Master’s thesis, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Available: here

Siilin, K., 2016. Hajautetun energiajärjestelmän toteutusmahdollisuudet virtausakkuteknologialla. Pro Gradu, Jyväskylän yliopisto. Available: here

CITYOPT is supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

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