VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd - is a public research organisation focusing on applied industrial research and development. It’s activity represented in this project: Services and the built environment, and ICT. VTT is the largest research organisation in Northern Europe with a staff of 2900.

Contact details: Ismo HEIMONEN - Ismo.Heimonen[at]vtt.fi, Ha HOANG - Ha.Hoang[at]vtt.fi
Web: www.vtt.fi

AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology -Austria's largest non-university research institute with a staff of 1100 employees, is among the European research institutes a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future. Its activities represented by this project: Energy for the built environment.

Contact details: Nicolas PARDO-GARCIA - Nicolas.Pardo-Garcia[at]ait.ac.at, Florian NADLER - Florian.Nadler[at]ait.ac.at, Charlotte Marguerite - Charlotte.Marguerite[at]ait.ac.at
Web: www.ait.ac.at

CSTB, Scientific and Technical Center for Building, is a public organization for innovation in building which performs four key activities, namely research, expertise, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge, organized to satisfy sustainable development challenges in the world of construction. Its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings and their integration into districts and cities. With its 918 employees, subsidiaries and networks of national, European and international partners, CSTB offers its service to all parties involved in construction to improve the quality and safety of buildings.

Contact details: Régis DECORME - Regis.Decorme[at]cstb.fr, Alain ANFOSSO - Alain.Anfosso[at]cstb.fr
Web: www.cstb.fr

Experientia is a global experience design consultancy that practices user research-based and people-centred design. We help companies and organizations conceive and innovate products, services and processes, through a qualitative understanding of people, their mental models and behaviours. People are our key reference point. They guide us when we conduct research, develop creative strategies, create solutions, design prototypes and test results.

Contact details: Ilaria MONTEVERDI - Ilaria.Monteverdi[at]experientia.com
Web: www.experientia.com

EDF is a world leader in electricity, covering all activities: generation (from nuclear to renewables), networks, sales and trading. EDF is an international group with roots in Europe and long-term partnerships and cooperation agreements in high-growth countries.

Contact details: Patrick LESBROS - Patrick.Lesbros[at]edf.fr, Isabelle JALMAIN - Isabelle.Jalmain[at]edf.fr
Web: www.edf.com

City of Helsinki is a public organisation focusing on the implementation of municipal strategy. Economic&planning centre is responsible for coordinating Urban Development projects and City planning office is responsible for city planning. Helsinki is the owner of the energy company Helen Ltd providing electricity, heating and cooling for the markets. Helen is a non-profit public body and a part of Helsinki city administration.
Contact details: Ari KARJALAINEN - Ari.Karjalainen[at]hel.fi, Juha KARPPINEN - Juha.Karppinen[at]helen.fi
Web: en.uuttahelsinkia.fi, www.helen.fi

Nice Côte d’Azur Métropole is the fifth largest metropolitan local authority in France gathering of 46 municipalities around city of Nice. Its territory extends over 1 300 km2 and its population is of 545 000 inhabitants. As a local authority, NCA has many public policy competences and particularly in Environment fields such as water production, waste and sewage management, green areas, energy efficiency managed by its directorate general environment which Energy department will be involved in the project.
Contact details: Yves PRUFER - Yves.Prufer[at]nicecotedazur.org, Marie TATIBOUËT - Marie.Tatibouet[at]nicecotedazur.org, Angèle MARTINEZ - Angele.Martinez[at]nicecotedazur.org, Jérôme SIEURIN - Jerome.Sieurin[at]nicecotedazur.org, Ludivine Muntzer - Ludivine.Muntzer[at]nicecotedazur.org
Web: www.nicecotedazur.org

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